An unpublished Book: Inside MS Sharepoitn 2010

This is from Chapter 4 of the book, which is due publish Feb 2011. Excerpt is on MSDN.

Chapter 4 – Sandbox Solutions

Add a new List instance

Add a custom button to the ribbon

The CommandAction attribute specifies the code to run when the button is clicked. In this case, some JavaScript runs that opens a new window containing the page List.aspx. QueryString parameters are passed to the page detailing the list and view to display. The idea is simply to display the current view in a new page without any chrome. This design effectively creates a print view for the list.

When you inherit from the SPSolutionValidator class, you must provide a System.Runtime.InteropServices.Guid
for your validator that is surfaced as the ProviderID property of the validator. In the second constructor, you must set the Signature property to a unique value

Before a custom solution validator can be used, it must be registered with the farm. To register the validator with the farm, you use a Feature Receiver in a farm-level feature. In fact, it’s best to package the custom validator, application page, and Feature Receiver into a single feature. This way, the farm administrator can simply activate a single farm-level feature and the validator will be active

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