BCS – Business Connectivity Services – External Data (1)

What developers need to implement for BCS is an entity data model that describes the external data and interfaces. The external data objects
are defined through External Content Types or ECT.

A SharePoint list can be associated with an external content type and
such a list is called an external list.

Two tools to integrate Sharepoint and Business data – (1) VS 2010 and (2) SP 2010 Designer

Creating External Content Types Using SharePoint Designer

Use SP 2010 Designer to connect to a local site. Click the “External Content type” on the left pane.

If you get this message, the download and install the WCF fix here AND it works:


Click New External Content Type Button in the ribbon.

Change the name of the ECT to


Click to discover external data source

Click Add Connection and select SQL server

how to connect using a Secure Store ID at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee556780(office.14).aspx


The Secure Store Service in SharePoint 2010 is a single sign-on service
that allows you to store and map credentials such as account names and passwords used for connecting to external systems. Those credentials can be associated with identities known on the system running the BCS service and thus the BCS service is able to connect to the external systems without needing to enter the credentials for the external system.

Next, define the operations on the external data source

In the next few screens, select the fields you would like to read/update.

Check the “Show in Picker” for at leat one of the field, so the field value will be linked/underlined (I believe) for you to select.

Add a filter based on the country (from usre input)

Also add Limit filter to restrict the number of records returned.

In the end you get this…. All operation created

Remember to click Save to save this external content type!!!!

Now let’s create a list and form based on this ECT. Click Create Lists and Form
This CustomerList is called an External List

External ist looks just like a regular list. But they can’t be accessed via listdata.svc.

Now you should be able to access your CustomerList list via your Sharepo….. oops, got an erroe!

Go to Central Admin à Application management à Manage service Applications, select Business Data Connectivity Service, you will see the ETC. Select Set Permissions.

You can add All Authenticated Users to the list if desired.

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