Conditional Formatting

XsltListViewWebPart is a new web part control in Sharepoint 2010, to replace the DataViewWebPart (still available in 2010) from Sharepoint 2007.

First create a empty list with some custom column. To pre-load test data in buik, (with the new list open in browser, click the “List Tools-> List” tab) you can click the “Open with Access” button to open the new (and thus empty) list in your local Access 2010 application. You can cut & paste test data into Access ans save it.

After data are pasted, click th e”Save to Sharepoint Site” to sync the data with Sharepoint list. Close and discard the Access file.

When you insert a List onto a Sharepoint page, you insert a XsltListViewWebPart.

In SP 2010 Designer, to format a XsltListviewWebpart cell based on a condition (“Conditional Formatting”), clicm on a data cell (such as “310,232,86”), then in the ribbon a new button called “Conditional Formatting” appears.

Select “Format Column”.

Enter the condition for a specific column, and then set the stype (background or font color)

Save the page and refreshthe browser – you see the conditional formatting.

To remove existing Conditional Formatting, look to the right for the “Conditional Formatting” pane. Right click the item and select Delete.

In SP 2010 Designer, check in or out of the page from the “Site Pages” pane on the left:

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