Creating a Workflow with Association and Initiation Forms

You can add/associate an Association Form and Initiation Form with a Workflow using VS 2010 or VS 2010 Designer.

Association Form
– Association form is a form that a administrator use when a workflow is assoctaed with a list. This form is used only once for each associated list to collect data from administrator.

You can create a work flow (in VS 2010 or SP 2010 Designer) that is not assictiated with any Sharepoint list. You can associate a workflow with a list by: (using Shared Documents as an example)

Go to your Sharepoint site
Click “Shared Document”.
In the ribbon, click Library à Library Settings
Under “Permissions and Management”, click “Workflow Settings”

If there is no workflow associated with this list, then you will see this Add a Workflow screen:

If there is already an existing workflow associated with this list, then you will see the existing workflow, and also have the option to add a new workflow:

Initiation Form
– Every time before a workflow is started, optionally user is prompted with an initiation form. The form can include data/parameters that might be helpful to the workflow process. User needs to enter the data in order to start th workflow.

IN VS 2010, create a sequential workflow project, and right click the workflow in Solution Explorer, click “Add New Item”, and then you can select to add Association Form or Iniritation Form.
IN SP 2010 Designer, in the workflow designer screen, you can add Assoication Form or Initiation Form from the ribbon:

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