Customize Look and Feel of Search Result using XSLT

Very Good Video —

How to customize the search result page with XSLT.

The default search result page appears to be non-editable. There is no Edit Page option available on it.

So we create a Basic Search Center, by going to Site Actions à More Options, and create a new Basic Search Center:

Once done, do a simple searc with the new search centr, and see the result page. Click Site Actions à Edit Page. The Result page is in edit mode. You see lots of Web parts. Scroll down to the bottom, and see a Search Core Results Web Part. We want to edit the XSLT foe this web part so it can display differently.

Edit this web part:

Then you will be able to edit the properties of the web part. Expand the Display Properties. Uncheck Use Locatin Visualization. Then the XML Editor button will be enabled. Click the button to see the XSLT text editor.

You can copy the XLST to another Editor (e.g., Sharepint Designer 2010) to edit and copy it back.

A sample XSLT that displays all return result XML is:


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