List, Site Column

A list definition
defines a schema for a SharePoint list. It contains information on what views are being used, which columns and content types are being used, and other metadata information. A list definition is an XML file written in the Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML).

A list template
can either be created by end users through the SharePoint user interface using an existing list as a pattern or using an existing list instance. If based on a user-created list it is called a custom list template.

A list instance
is an instance of a specific SharePoint list definition or list template. All of its data is stored in the relevant content database.

A site column
is a column definition that is defined at a site level and is available for reuse amongst child sites.

A list view
defines how the list is displayed to the user.

A content type
is a reusable definition of the schema used by a list item. Content types are stored at a site level
so they can be reused in the site and across all the child sites and lists in and under the site in which they are defined.

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