Remove Workflow Association with a List

Assuming that a workflow is associated with the Task list and we would like to remove that association.

Go to the “Task” list, click “List” tab in the ribbon, click “List settings”. Under “Permissions and management”, click “Workflow Settings”.

Now you see the two workflows that you would like to remove the association.

Click “Remove a workflow” link at the bottom. Select “Remove” and click “OK”.

(If you select “No New Instances” then it’ll prevent new instances of this workflow from running but still allow for running instances to finish)

The above is just to de-associate the workflow with the list; to de-activate the workflow so it cannot be associate with any list again, go to “Site Actions” à “Site Collection Administration”, click “Site Collection Features”. (this for workflows deployed from Vistudio 2010 only; for workflows deployed by Sharepoint Designer, need to delete it from the Designer. For details see:


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