Sandbox Solution (4)

Another value is AbsoluteLimit, which is incremented each time a solution gets a point. If a solution exceeds the AbsoluteLimit value, it is terminated even if the daily usage limit has not been reached. Exceeding the value of AbsoluteLimit affects only the single solution, unlike the daily usage limit. These two levels of quotas, daily limit and absolute limit, work together to protect the health of the farm.

Validating Solutions in Sandbox
Farm administrators can deploy solution validators that run when a solution is uploaded to a Solution Gallery. If the validator is updated, solutions are validated again the next time they are executed.

You create a validator inside your SharePoint farm feature project by adding a class that derives from SPSolutionValidator. Your validator class must have a System.Runtime.InteropServices.Guid attribute assigned to it. You can use the Create GUID tool from the Visual Studio Tools menu to create a GUID value. This value is used as the ProviderID property.

You must add the solution validator to the SPUserCodeService SolutionValidators
the default SharePoint project type in Visual Studio is a sandboxed solution. This should be the default in your mind as well—you should be thinking about creating your SharePoint solutions to run within the sandboxed environment.

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