Sharepoint – Basics of Client Object Model/ADO.NET Data service (REST)

1. The client object model brings a major portion of that rich server-side functionality as a client-side API, which can be used in a NET client such as a WPF application, in a Silverlight application, or in a simple client such as ECMAScript.

2. ADO.NET Data Services are a set of patterns and libraries that allow you to create access and update data using web-based semantics. You can use standard HTTP verbs such as GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, and MERGE to interact with your data. They are also commonly referred to as semantics of Representational State Transfer (REST). REST is essentially SOAP. Users could issue commands to both change or query data using a simple HTTP URL. Data would be formatted as JSON or ATOM feeds, and could be consumed in any kind of application.

ADO.NET Data services ready to be comsumed: http://myspsite1/_vti_bin/ListData.svc


Client Object Model and ADO.NET service (REST) are both built on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

WCF is a very important .NET technology, and every .NET developer must learn it.

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