Some key facts about Sharepoint Workflow

You can create a list workflow or a reusable workflow. A list workflow can only be added to and used on the items of a particular list. However, a reusable workflow can be used globally. In other words, you can associate the reusable workflow with any list or content type, anywhere within a SharePoint site collection.

In SharePoint Designer 2010, you can use impersonation to have some actions performed as the workflow author instead of the workflow initiator.

After creating a reusable workflow in SharePoint Designer 2010, you can export it so that it can be used in another site. In this case, you do not need to create the workflow again. The required workflow is exported as a solution package (a .wsp file) and is saved in the Site Assets library of the site.
When you open the workflow gallery page in SharePoint Designer 2010, you also see the built-in workflows—for example, Approval, Collect Feedback, and Collect Signatures. In SharePoint Designer 2010, you can edit these workflows to customize their behavior.

You can also create site workflows. For example, for one of the tasks, multiple lists or documents need to be updated. In this case, instead of creating a list workflow or reusable workflow and associating the workflow with multiple lists and documents, you can create a site workflow associated with the site so that the required lists and documents are updated.

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