Use Sharepoint Designer to create a list instance (1)

Click Lists and Libraries in the Navigration pane to bring up the Lists and Libraries page.

SharePoint differentiates a specialized list type like a document library from standard lists through the use of a different base list type identifier in the CAML markup for the list —

(1) Standard lists such as announcements, calendar, links, and tasks have the base type: 0
(2) Document libraries have a base type: 1
(3) Survey has a base type: 4
(3) Discussion list base type: 3

The base list type identifier is important to be aware of because base list type identifiers limit the site columns that can be used in a particular list.

Clck Sharepoint List à Links, name the list AWLinks.

Select the new list and click Preview in Browser

To customize the columns, click Edit List Columns in the Customization

We want to add an “Author” column. “Author” column is already a site column, so click Add Existing Site Column in the ribbon.

In the Site Column Picker, search “Author”, and click OK.

Always search an existing site column before you add a new column.

Next we create the ISBN column because there s no existing iste column. So we add a new custom column:

You can enable management of content types from here!!! Once you check the box, you can use the Add button to add/associate a content type.






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