Use Sharepoint Designer to create a list instance (3)

You might wonder what happens if users create list instances based on your Addison-Wesley Links list template but then later you change the list template—maybe to add a new column such as “Publish Date.” Is there a way to republish the list template so that existing lists that used the old list template will be updated to have the new column? Unfortunately there is no automatic inheritance of new columns for lists created through a list template when the list template changes. You need to use list definition in VS 2010.

You would create a new list definition in Visual Studio 2010 in the first place and deploy it to the server.

Now you want to change the list and add a new column. First update the list definition in Visual Studio 2010 to contain the new column definition. Next add an <UpgradeActions> and <CustomUpgradeAction> element to the feature XML (for more information on features see Chapter 11, “Packaging and Deployment”). The <CustomUpgradeAction> would define the step to add the new column. Once deployed all the lists created from the list definition would inherit the new column. For more information on <UpgradeActions> see

To save a local copy of the list template file (*.STP), right click the list template and select “Save File As’, or click the Download a Copy button.

To import this *.STP (list template) on a different site, go to that other site collection, and upload the STP file to import the list template.

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