Vs 2010 Solution and Project (3)

Ensure disposal of objecs that implement Idisposable.

Why garbage collection doesn’t just take care of the disposal? The answer is that an object like SPSite uses a mix of managed and unmanaged code. .NET garbage collector doesn’t watch unmanaged code…….

Three ways you can dispose an idisposable object:

1. Dispose Method

SPSite mysite = new SPSite(“http://mysite”);
// Do something to mysite

2. using

Or, in C#, use this:

using (SPSite mysite=new SPSite(“http://mysite”)) {
” do something to my site
// after the }, mysite will be disposed automatically.

you can loop
using if you need to, such as:

using (SPSite mysite=new SPSite(“http://mysite”)) {
using(SPWeb myweb = mysite.Openweb()) {
// do something to myweb

3. Try, Catch, Finally

try {
SPSite mysite = new SPSite(“http://mysite”);
// Do something here.
} catch {
// handle exception here
} finally {
// always dispose the object if it’s there.
if (mySite !=null)

if you use Disposa
objects in a look, make sure you have to dispose it in each loop too.

MS has a tool that checks undisposed object – Sharepoint Dispose Checker Tool.

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