Where’re all the site templates?

There are so many hidden tricks and details in Sharepoint 2010 that you just have to figure them out by keep looking and searching. Here is another one of them.

One thing that bothers me when I create a new site in a publishing site collection is I don’t fine other site templates other than “Publishing Site” and “Enterprise Wiki” when I select “Site Actions -> New Site”. That’s OK because I really don’t need to create other types of web site.

But now that I created and saved a custom site template (see previous post) and intend to use it to create a new site, I have to find out how to make it show in the site template windows.

After some research, here’s the answer. So for some reason, Microsoft only exposed “Publishing Site” and “Enterprise Wiki” if the site is a publishing site. if you want to see other site templates, inclusing the custom ones you created, you need to go to the top site, “Site Actions -> Site Settings –> Look and Feel –> Page Layouts and Site Templates”, and add the templates from left to the right listbox.

Another trick is, after you create a new site and found that the site uses a different master page than than the top level site, you need to go to the top level site, “Site Actions –> Site Settings –> Master Page”, and under “Site Master Page” section, check the “Reset all subsites to inherit this site master page setting” and save it.

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