Workflow in Sharepoint Designer

Difference between VS 2010 and SP 2010 Designer in workflow –

  1. SP designer — only supports Declarative workflows.
  2. SP designer – Debugging is not available.
  3. SP designer – only creates sequential workflow.


Re-usable workflows
can be exported to *.WSP
file, and thus can be impoted into VS 2010.

Open SP 2010 Designer; connect to local site; click Workflows in the Navigation pane.

Click New Reusable Workflow in the ribbon.

name the workflow My SPD Workflow – select Document as Content Type

In the MY SPD Workflow design screen, click Local Variables

Create a initiation form parameter:

Now we’re ready to design workflow.

Action à Set Workflow Variable

Set variable name and default value

Move the orange bar under Step 1 and click the Insert Step button in the ribbon, to create a Step 2.

Click Step 2 and select from Condition

First Change the left value:



Use Action à Assign to-do –item to add under the if condition.

Under IF block, type Else, and you will see Else block created

In ELSE block, click Action à Log to History, and edit the message: (use lookup function to insert Parameter value)

OK, we have every thing. Last thing we need to do is to PUBLISH WORKFLOW.

Click Publish button in the ribbon and you can start testing.

Again, to test the Workflow published by SP Designer, you can only manually start the Workflow Process, namely:

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