Windows Event Logs and Logging Database

Event throttling: If you enable event log throttling, SharePoint will not repeatedly write the same event to the Windows logs if there is a problem. Instead, it will only write events periodically, telling you the event is still being throttled. This keeps your Windows Event Logs from being overrun by the same message. In Sharepoint admin, this is called Event Log Flood Protection

Logging database: collecting health data – this is enabled by default. To configure it:

Logging database are very similar to trace logs: (1) by default htye’re saved in the same LOGS folder:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\LOGS\ and (2) same file name but with the extension of “*.usage”.

Timer Jobs

At the most basic level, timer jobs are tasks defined in XML files in the configuration database. Those XML files are pushed out to the members of the farm, and are executed by the Windows service, “SharePoint 2010 Timer.”

in Central Admin à Application management à Manage Content Database, you can select the server on which the timer jobs will be run. Two purposes: (1) Easier for trouble shooting; (2) move the timer job burdon to a server that has a lighter traffic.

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