Chapter 5 – Upgrading from SP 2007 to SP 2010

Wrox SP 2010 Admin – Page 113

Only SP 2007 Service Pack 2 can be upgraded to SP 2010.

Use preupgradecheck to check SP 2007 for any potential upgrade issues.

STSADM –o preupgradecheck

If youhave SP 2003, you need toupgrade it to SP 2007 Service Pack 2, before you upgrade it to SP 2010.

In-Place Upgrade – it’s easy, but:

Make sure your hardware can support SP 2010 (64-bit etc.), entire farm will be offline. Due to down time, in-place upgrade is better for small environments.

If for some reasons some site collections cannot be upgraded, it will be skipped. You can use Powershell command – Upgrade-SPContentDatabase to upgrade any objects in the content database that were not upgraded in the first round.

Database attach, the 2nd method to upgrade content to SP 2010 –

In this case you already have SP 2010 farm installed and configured.

The database attach method will requires that you have separate hardware for SP 2010. Main advantage of database attach is control. (in-place upgrade you don’t have much control; one database at a time) Database attach will result in different URLs’ from the SP 2007. But Sp 2007 will be online during the database attach process. With database attach, you can attach multiple databases at the same time. The limiting factor is the disk IO on the SQL server.

Powershell command to attach database:

To test your content database for any potential issues, use:

When you run Test-SPContentDatabase, two inputs (1) database name and (2) URL of the web app.

Hybrid upgrades – (in-place + database attach)

(1) detach all content DB from SP 2007, but leave the Central admin (configuration) db attached.
(2) Perform in-place upgrade – only the configuration/central admin piece will be upgraded.
(3) Attach SP 2007 content database to your newly upgraded SP 2010 farm.

Use AAM (Alternative Access Mapping) to redirect user request during uprade, if the new web application is not available yet.

Visual upgrade –

enable rendering of pages using SP 2007 master pages and CSS in SP 2010.

During the upgrade process, if the paramater –UpdateuserExperience is specified, then the user interface will be upgraded to SP 2010.

In Powershell, this property sets whether to use the new (SP 2010) interface:

$web.UIVersion = 4 ßuse the new interrface
$web.UIVersionConfigurationEnabled = $false
remove the [Visual Upgrade] from menu – can be restored using Powershell

Mitigating downtime with Read-only databases –

(1) AAM
(2) Upgrading content database on multipe forms at the same time, and then re-attaching them.
(3) Read-only database

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