Chapter 11 – Managing Navigation and Understanding Governance

Wrox Professional SP 2010 (Page 283)

Governance definition – The act, power and process of governing

Different types of navigation —

>> Bread crumbs – looks like XXXX >> XXXX >> XXXX
>> Portal site connection – display on the top most; always point users back to a common location, regardless of the site collection.
>> Tree View – display the hierarchy of the site in place of the Quick Launch
>> Metadata navigation – navigate through lists and libraries based on the configuration of the managed metadata.
>> Team site navigation –
>> Publishing site naigation —
>> Workspace navigation
>> navigation web parts

Bread crumbs —

provide a ‘trail’ for users to navigate back to the top of the site.

Two types of bread crumbs —

Portal Site Connection —

The Portal URL can be any URL.

Tree View —

Quick Links —

Quick links are created when Team site is created; contains links to lists, libraries and discussions. Quick Launch links are security-trimmed.

To disable Quick Launch Bar à go to Look & Feel’s Tree View settings

No way to inherit Quick Launch froma parent site; if you must, need to enable publishing feature.

Top Link Bar —

Global Navigation —

Sharepoint Governance —

Set of policies and procedures developed to ensure that your SP environment is able to consistently provide a robust, stable working environment for your users. Usually based on best practices that are adjusted to fit your org’s needs.

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