Chapter 13 – Using Features and Solution Packages

Wrox Professional SP 2010 Admin (P. 349)

A feature is a collection of elements that are grouped together and, though they are not required to, usually composed of logically related elements. (an element can be web part, workflow, content type definition….)

Solution enabled you to have a single deployment point for all of the servers in your farm, and to schedule deployments and update via jobs. You can use solution to schedule deployments and updates.

Using SP 2010 Features —

Features are located in TEMPLATE\FEATURES located at the 14 hive. Each feature has it own directory; and at a minumal, each feature has its own feature.xml.

Defining Scope —

Feature has a specific scope – farm, web application, site collection and site.

Managing Features —

To manage features at a site collection level, a user must have [Manage Web] permission.

Go to your site collection à Site Actions à Site Settings

When accessing features for farm or web application, you must use Central Admin.

Central Admin à Manage Farm Feartures:

Central Admin à Manage Web Application:

A feature can be set to be ‘hidden’. (the element canbe found in ‘feature.xml’ file) If it’s hidden, the only optionis to use Powershell to activate/deactivate them.

Managing features via Powershell —

Display only the site features
Get-SPFeature | Where-Object {$_.Scope –Eq “Site”}
Get-SPFeature –Site http://xxxx/sitecollectionpath

Installing and uninstalling Features —

Generally, you should not install/uninstall features outside of solution infrasture.
Install-SPFeature HelloWorldWebPart

Activate/deactivate features —
Enable-SPFeature HelloWorldWebPart
Disable-SPFeature HelloWorldWebPart

Solution —

Solution are nothing more than a properly formatted *.cab file that has a *.wsp extension.

Managing Farm Solution via Central Admin —
Central Admin à System Settings à Farm Management à Manage Farm Solutions

Managing Farm Solutions via the command line —
Get-SPSolution HelloWorldWebpart.wsp

Adding, Updating and removing solutions – with Powershell only
Add-SPSOlution c:\HellowWorldWebPart.wsp
Update-SPSolution HelloWorldWebPart.wsp –LiteralPath C:\HelloWorldWebPart.wsp
Remove-SPSolution HelloWorldwebPart.wsp

Deploying and Retracting Solutions —
Install-SPSolution HellowWorldWebPart.wsp –webApplication http://sharepointsite
Uninstall-SPSolution HelloWebPart.wsp –WebApplication http://sharepointsite

Managing Sandbox Solutions —
Administrator’s à Central Admin à Configure Quotas and Locks



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