[WCF4] Chapter 1 – Instroduction Windows Communication Foundation

Talked to my coworker today and decided it’s probably time to start working on WCF and Workflow 4, so wll start working on this book:
WCF 4 Step by Step (Page 1)

XML is a common data format.

For all application to agree on the XML format – you need XML Schema. By using XML and XML schema, web services and users’ applications can pass data back and forth in an ambiguous manner.

Web service and client use SOAP to communicate. Specification:
(1) The format of SOAP message
(2) How data shoul dbe encoded
(3) How to send message
(4) How to handle replies to these messages

A web service can publish WSDL, which is an XML that decribes the message the web service can accept and the structure of the responses it will send back. A client application can use this information to determine how to communicate with the web service.

RIA (Rich Internet Application), such as Silverlight.

A more lightweight (than XML) is to use native format defined by javascript – Javascript Object Notation (JSON). JSON is completely independent format.

JSON data is transmitted as text, such as
{“forname”:”John”, “surname”:”Sharp”, “age”,46}

Yu can use JSON parsers to convert their data into JSON format.

MS introduced Web services Enhancement (WSE) package. WSE provided wizards and other tools for generating much of the code necessary to help protect web services and client applications and to simply the configuration and deployment of web services.

Software-as-a-service (Service-Oriented Architecture, SOA) – key architectual principals behind SOA is the ability to reuse existing software assets.

*** WCF provides a model in which you can implement services that conforms to many commonly-accepted styles and standards, including SOAP, XM and JSON. Additionally, WCF supports MS technologies, such as Enterprise services, and MSMQ.

By using WCF, you can combine these technologies and make then accessible to non-MS applications/services.

Building WCF service – using Visual Studio 2010’s WCF service Template.

Page 9

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