Chapter 20 – PerformancePoint Services and Business Intelligence (2)

Wrox Professioal SP 2010 Admin — P. 603

Creating Analytic Chart Report (ACR) and Dashboard – Analytic reports are dynamic, visual representations of data that can be displayed as interactive line charts, bar charts, pie charts and tables (also called grids). PPS ACR remains connected to the data, which means they content is always up-to-date.
Download Sample database: (adventureWorks)

(For now skipping all contents related to creating an ACR…. Probably not in the scope of 70-668 is why)

Now Page 609.

Promoting PPS objects across environment —

>> Moving contents between servers requires that both servers are the same version, hot fixes, patches etc.
>> DD objects need to have unique names to ensure objects in the destination servr doesn’t get overwritten. Use naming convention.
>> Make sure there are no missing dependencies.
>> All data sources must have unique names – even they reside in different display folders (!!!!)
>> When promiting objects to production server, make sure your data source point to the production server.

Importing PPS 2007 to PPS 2010 – SP 2010 has a wizard-driven process for importing. After data import, the admin must deploy each individual dashboard to their new SP 2010 locations.

Dashboard Designer Tasks and Necessary Permissions —
View PPS 2010 Dashboard – read
Create PPS 2010 dashboard items and save them to list/linrary – Contribute
Publish PPS 2010 Dashboard – Design
Manage User permission for dashboard objects – Full Control or Site Collection Administrator

Using Import Wizard —

1. Manage Service Application à PerformancePoint Service à Manage

2. Answer questions in the wizard and connect to PPS 2007 content database, select the DB that you want to import. (default is PPSMonitoring)
3. Select Site collection, site and list where dashboard items are to be imported.
4. Select a site and a document library where your datasource will be stored.
5. Review and import.

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