Chapter 1 – Building a Perfect Test Environement for Sharepoint 2010

Real World Sharepoint 2010

Here I am beginning to work on my 3rd Sharepoint 2010 book since last November. Hopefully by mass-reading these Sharepoint books I can quickly pick up something I need to learn about Sharepoint. In my life I rarely focus so much on something like I do with Sharepoint 2010.

Hyper-V is not supported on laptops. You can use VMWare or VirtualBox.

OS: Use Windows 2008 64bit SP2, or Windows 2008 R2. Web, standard, enterprise and data center allsupported.
Window 7/Vista – (good for developer machien)
(1) only stand-alone installation (single server),
(2) can’t use a real SQL server, and
(3) everything will be configured using a system or network account. (true)

After installaing windows 2008 VM, make it a domain controller.
Server Manager à Roles Summary à Add Roles à Active Diretory Domain Services

Use “dcpromo” to set up the domain (

Set registry DisableLoopbackCheck=1 to disable the security feature.

Disabling UAS (User Account Control) – (“Are you sure?”)
Start à Control Panel à System & Security à Change User Account Settings à Never notify.

Create Users!!!

Installaing SQL Server 2008 on the same VM (Do this before you do Sharepoint)

Installing Sharepoint 2010 —
— Pre-requite installer will install pre-requisite (download from Internet).
— Sharepoint doesn’t let you pick Stand-Alone or Farm if the installing server is a Domain Controller.

Installing Office web Application

Configuration Wizard –(Start à All Programs à MS Sharepoint 2010 Products à Sharepoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard
(gray wizard) – connect to an existing farm, or create a new farm. (Farm à Configuration Database)
— connect or create a configuration database (use domain account as SQL username, such as contoso\sp_farm)
— enter a farm phrase. Save the passphrase.
— Specify a port number for Central Admin: 5555

Initial Farm Configuration Wizard – (from Central Admin)

(white wizard) —


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