Chapter 22 – Upgrading to Sharepoint 2010

MS Sharepoint 2010 Admin’s Companion eBook (P. 1035)

Focus on How to upgrade from Sharepoint 2007 to 2010 —

in-place upgrade – upgrading current Sharepoint configuration from its existing implementation to Sharepoint 2010.
migration upgrade (database attach) – creating a new Sharepoint 2010 farm and migrating your current database to the new farm. [Preferred]

10 best practices to upgrade to Sharepoint 2010
(1) Install SP2 to Sharepoint 2007.
(2) Ensure the exsiting Sharepoint 2007 is functioning. Remove all unused or unnecessary components.
(3) Migrate existing Sharepoint 2007 to 64-bit first.
(4) perform a trial upgrade on a test farm.
(5) Plan for hardware capacity.
(6) Perform a full backup for entire farm.
(7) If performing a database attach upgrade, set existing database to read-only.
(8) Avoid adding servers to new farm during upgrade.
(9) After the upgrde, review the logs.

Running the Pre-Upgrade Checker Tool —

(1) a list of all servers, components in the farm; whether meet the req. for upgrade.
(2) alternate access mapping (AAM)
(3) a list of all site definitions, site templates, features and languages packs.
(4) whether all customizations are supported.
(5) whether there are database or site orphans in the farm
(6) whether there are missing or invalid configuration settings in the farm.
(7) whether SQL server meets the req for upgrade.

stsadm -o preupgradecheck
(works in Sharepoint 2007, not in Sharepoint 2010)

The log file is available in: …..\12\LOGS\PreUPgradeCheck_YYYYMMDD_XXXXXXX.htm

Performing Database Attach Upgrade – preferred.
Can continue to use your current Sharepoint farm.
(1) Create a new Sharepoint 2010 farm
— Install Sharepoint 2010
— For each web application in 2007, re-create your web applications in 2010 (same default URL), re-apply configuration settings and copy over all customizations
— manually transfer customizations into Sharepoint 2010
— testing Sharepoint 2010
— Run stsad –o menumallwebs command to obtain a list of templates associated with each site.

(2) attach your current (2007) database to your new farm to complete the upgrade process.
— Attach your 2007 content database to your new 2010 farm
— Test-SPContentDatabase to test your old database
— stsadm –o addcontentdb (associate DB with farm)
The first content database that you add must contain the root site of the web application.
— verify the upgrade.

Performing an In-Place Upgrade —
Sharepoint is taken offline. Cannot roll back to previous version, or even pause the upgrade.
(1) run pre-requisite on all servers
(2) install Sharepoint 2010 on all servers. Run it on the server hosting Central Admin.
(3) install language packs
(4) Run Sharepoint Products Configuration Wizard on CentrL Admin, which upgrades the server, configuration database, service and content database.
(5) Run configuration wizard on the remaining servers.

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