Chapter 10 – Automating Business Processes

Wrox Real World Sharepoint 2010 (P.335)

Building Powerful Forms using InfoPath —
Two products: (bundled together)
(1) InfoPath Designer 2010 – used by the form designer to deisgn the form
(2) InfoPath Filler 2010 – used by end users to fill out a form and save it.
On the web, you need Form server to serve the form for users to fill out the form.

InfoPath can be used to edit Sharepoint List & Libraries; can be used completely independent of Sharepoint; form template can exists in network share; can be sent directly to people’s mail box.

Use Infopath to design a form
1. Select a template (blank form)
2. Insert a tabe layout:

3. Edit label and add control. Controls are located on the Home Tab.

4. This is what it looks like.

5. Two ways to manage each control (such as rename), first clic on the control and :
<a> update in the ribbon

<b> right click the control and select textBox Properties. You will see a popup property window.

Validation —
Use a rule engine to control the behavior of the form – 3 types of rules:
(1) Validation – validating the data in control
(2) Formatting – changing the formatting of a control based on defined criteria
(3) Action – performing an action based on the criteria.

To use a Quick-Rule, select a control, click Property in ribbon, click Add Rule, and select a condition.

Or you can build custom Rule:

You can copy a rule, and paste it in another control’s Rule Panel.

If it’s a required field, you can also use this:

To preview the form, click Home tab à Preview.

Publishing Form to a Variety Locations —
An InfoPath form is saved as a *.XSN
file. When user open the file and enter data and saves, the data are saved in a separate XML file, with a pointer pointing to the original XSN file.

Publishing and sharing through Sharepoint is recommended because Sharepoint framework provides build-in options to support the form process. When the form is published to Sharepoint Form Library, it can use all the base features such as versioning, check-in/out, attach workflows.

*** Merge View – let you merge the information of multiple instances of the filled-out forms
hosted in the library.

To publish the form, use the File Tab à Publish

publish options:
(1) Current place
(2) Sharepoint Library
(3) Email
(4) Network location

Using Sharepoint Designer to Build Solutions on top of Sharepoint —
All Site Pages are Wiki Pages.

Connecting to External Data Source —
**** If you have an XML as the data file, save it in the Site Assets
Available data source types in Sharepoint Designer 2010 —

Combining InfoPath and Sharepoint Designer —

Exercise – create a form that employees can fil out to request training. If the employee has taken 100 credit hours, then he’s not eligible anymore. If less than 100, an approval from his or her manager is needed. Appears to be a good practice…

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