Chapter 12 – Managing the Sharepoint Application Life Cycle

Wrox Real World Sharepoint 2010 (P.407)

Generating Feature XML using Site Templates —

Save Site as template is not available if publishing is enabled. Once saved the site template is in Solution Gallery.

Download the *.WSP file to local. Open VS 2010, new Project, Sharepoint à 2010 à Import Sharepoint Solution Package
When prompted, browse to the location of the *.WSP file, load it.

Feature upgrade in Sharepoint 2010 —
Sharepoint 2010 introduces “versioned” features. The options of creating brand new features to deploy new functionality still exists. Elements:
UpgradeActions: Parent elements for defining provisioning upgrade steps. All subsequent XML elements are children.
VersionRange: define the range of existing version to upgrade with the steps defined in the elements. This has BeginVersion and EndVersion attributes.
ApplyElementsManifests: Allows new Feature elements to be added to an existing Feature, Items declared in the referenced element manifest file will be provisioned on upgrade.
AddContentTypeField: provides a declarative shortcut for the common task of adding a field to an existing content type.
MapFile: Allows an un-customized file to be pointed to a new location.
CustomUpgradeAction: Provides a means of allowing custom code to execute during Feature upgrade. This allows the developer to handle advanced scenarios that cannot be dealt with by declarative XML alone.

If feature node does not have a Version attribute, the feature will default to
No automatic triggering of Feature Upgrade. The developer is responsible for calling the SPFeature.Upgrade()
The SPWebservice, SPWebApplication, SPContentDatabase and SPSite objects have a QueryFeatures()
method that is used to identify Features requiring upgrade. These methods return a collection of Features, and typically used in conjunction with SPFeature.Upgrade.
Feature dependencies
can be specified with a MinimumVersion attribute. (02/02/2011, 11:38PM)

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