Chapter 15 – Using Performance Point Services 2010

Wrox Real World Sharepoint 2010

PerformancePoint Service (PPS). Is a Sharepoint service.

ClickOnce – a Windows application that deploys to a client machine. User can use ClickOnce to install Dashboard component on user’s machine.

Application Tier —
Runs PPS service. Can be balanced on one or multiple servers. Most PPS data is stored in Sharepoint as list and libraries.

Data Tier – (P.555)

Configuring Unattended Service Account – (Farm Config Wizard doesn’t do this for you; you need t do it by yourself)

  1. Central Admin à Manage Service Application à Performance Service Application à PPS Settings:
  2. Enter credentials —
  3. If you get an error about Secure Store Application not having a key, go to Secure Store Application and create a key. And come back to try entering credential for PPS again.

Configuring Trusted Location —
PPS will only recognize trusted lists and libraries. This is a security feature that allows admin to control where PPS can retrieve data. Trusted locations are configured on a per service application basis. Follow these steps:
1. Central Admin à Manage Service Application à PPS Service à Trusted Data Source Location

2. Default is trusting All Sharepoint Locations

3. If selecting “Only Specific Locations”, the provide URL’s that can be trusted.

Enabling PPS on a site —
PPS 2010 provides a Business Intelligence Center (BIC) site template.
If you cannot find BIC in the site templates, make sure you activate the PPS Site Collection feature….
Create a site based on the BIC template:

Web Client for PPS web sites needs to have: (1) .NET 3.5 (2) Silverlight (not required) and (3) Visio (not required)





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