MSDN – Find Upgrade Issues Before Upgrading to Sharepoint 2010

Sharepoint 2007 SP2 includes a new stsadm.exe operation preupgradecheck.

command — stsadm.exe –o preupgradecheck

When done, IE would open and display results:

  1. ServerInfo: Display all farm servers reference in configuration DB. For an upgrade to succeed, all members of the farm must be online. If you have a crashed server, you must remove it from the farm first.
  2. FarmInfo: Display all farm components. Servers, web apps, content databases, sizes and # of site collections.
  3. Upgrade type: supported upgrade type: in-place and database-attach.
  4. SiteTemplates: display all site definitions installed.
  5. Features: all features installed.
  6. Language packs: All languages installed for Sharepoint 2007 must be installed for Sharepoint 2010.
  7. AAMURLs : display all alternate access mapping and zones.
  8. OSType: Display only unsupported OS
    unless this setting is modified.
  9. DatabaseSchema: Checks to see if the schema is modified by user; if yes, blocked from upgrade.
  10. Data orphan: content orphans in the database.
  11. SiteOrphans: sites that are not referenced in the configuration DB or are without a parent.
  12. UnfinishedGradualUpgrade: Indicate when Sharepoint 2007 gradual upgrade is in process on a database.
  13. MissingWebConfig: checks local server for proper web.config.
  14. InvalidHostName: Checks the validity of all host names.
  15. Invalid service Account: verify all service accounts.
  16. WYukonLargeSiteCollection: checks WID site collections > 4GB.
  17. SearchContentSourcInfo: Displays all content sources for Sharepoint 2007 Search and all start addresses. If performing database attach, you have to manually rebuild your content sources.
  18. Search Info: List all search servers in the farm and their role. (e.g., index, query)
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