MSDN: What’s new In Upgrade

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Sharepoint 2010 requires Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2008 SP2, 64bit. If you have Sharepoint 2007 on a 32 bit, you need to build a Sharepoint 2010 farm on a separate machine (64 bit), and then use database attach.

Database requirements – 64bit SQL server 2005 SP3 or 2008 SP1

Pre-Upgrade Checker —
Run in Sharepoint 2007 environment to find any potential issues for upgrade.
STSADM.EXE –o preupgradecheck
You get:
(1) a list of all servers and components in the farm; whether servers meet requirements
(2) AAM URL’s
(3) List of all site definitions, templates, features and language packs.
(4) Whether there are customizations in the farms that are not supported.
(5) Whether there are database or site orphans in the farm
(6) Whether there are missing or invalid configuration settings in the farm (missing web.config, invalid host name, service acct etc.)
(7) Whether database meets the requirements.


-rulefiles – specify which rule to use for the detection routine
-listrulefiles – list all rule files
-localonly – checks local server with rules marked localonly.

Default (no parameter): run each rule in the folder:

Before attaching a content database, you can use PowerShell command test-spcontentdatabase
to determine whether any server-side customizations are missing.

Reducing downtime during database upgrade:
(1) Upgrade multiple database at the same time (parallel upgrade) – using database attach
(2) Use read-only databases to provide continuous access to data.

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