Chapter 19 – Planning, Desigining and Administering a Multimedia Assets Management Solution

Wrox Real World Sharepoint 2010 (p. 637)

Storage —
Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) is a new SQL 2008 feature, allowing you to store BLOB outside of Content Database, in the Database Server’s File System.

(1) Use IIS’s Bit Rate Throttling Module, along side Media service 3.0 for IIS 7.0.
(2) Adding more WFE’s for load balancing
(3) BLOB Cache
to reduce traffic from WFE to SQL server.
(4) BranchCache service (for Windwos Server 2008 and Windows 7) . place BranchCache servers in each organization.

Remote BLOB Storage —
Limit of each content database: 100GB

BLOB contents are stored on the Content Database server filesystem
in a fully transparent environment. In a cluster environment, you should define a shared volumn
that can be accessed by every node in the cluster. For best performance, RBS and Content database should be on two different disk.

Sharepoint 2010 can handle this because of a specific RBS Provider
(for SQL 2008 R2) that should be installed on each WFE and Content Database.

Administrator can decide which contents of a particilar web application will use RBS.

Sharepoint 2010 allows system admin to activate RBS features on new or existing Content Databases.
(after configuring SQL 2008, installing RBS provider on the content database server and each WFE, with only Powershell)

IIS 7.0 Bit Rate Throttling module (WFE)
Can be downloaded, or as part of Media service package. Installed on each WFE.

The Bit Rate Throttling module can work at different levels: server, site, virtual dir, and file): features:
(1) Fast Start – send the first part without limiting
(2) Disconnect detection – detecting if client stop watching video
(3) Static throttling rates – fixed rate; detecting playback rate for various players.

BLOB Cache – (WFE)
File is cached when the first user requests it. To activate:
modify web application’s web.config on each WFE.
<BlobCache location=”C:\blobCache” path=”\.(gif|jpg|png|css|js|wmv|wma|mp3)$”maxSize=”100″ max-age=”86400″ enabled=”true”/>

BranchCache —

When BranchCache is enabled, a copy of the file is cached locally within the local office. Helpful in HTTP/HTTPS/SMB. Two modes:
(1) Distributed Cache: Using Peer to Peer. Simply enable BranchCache in Windwo 7/Windwow server 2008. Good for branch offices that does not have a local server.

(2) Hosted Cache: Windows 7 client computers cache content to a computer (Windows 2008 R2, hosted cache) in local network. Other clients who needs the file can download from the hosted cache.

Designing the Data Foundation – (P. 682)
Create libraries to contain media files – using a standard document library, and having the Asset
content type explicitly assoicated wit it, si a suitable approach. But use Asset Library
is even better…

Sharepoint 2010 provides the following tools/techniques:
1. Media web Part (silverlight 3.0)
2. Media field and media field control
3. Content Query web part
4. Javascript API to manipulate the media player.

Media Web Part —

***** Available only when Publishing feature is activated.

Specify the source video, preview image, and other properties of the media player

The selected media file (fromlocal) will be uploaded to the selected library.

Once you load your preview image:

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