MSDN – Sharepoint 2010 Load Testing Kit (LTK)

LTK let admin simulate a synthetic load test against a MS Sharepoint 2010 farm. TO certify that an existing MS Office Sharepoint 2007 topology running on specific hardware can sustain an upgrade to a Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 farm, with same load.

LTK is a command-line tool that will use information from a Office Sharepoint server 2007 production farm as a baseline. 3 Steps:

1. Collect logs
2. Prepare data for analysis
3. Use the project file to generate a synthetic load.

Collect Logs —
Gather all IIS logs on Sharepoint 2007, to determine the web application-to-ID mapping. This is performed by running prerequsitecollector.exe. The admin needs to choose a server in the farm as a baseline then install prerequsitecollector.exe. It must be installed on Sharepoint 2007.

prerequsitecollector.exe has one parameter – TargetFolder – the location of the IIS logs that will be stored.

Prepare Data for Analysis —
Use LTK.exe
to prepare data for analysis. (VSTS and VS 2008 SP1)
must be installed for LTK to run!!!!!!!
LTK.exe generates a VSTS-ready project file, which includes default WebTests (*.WebTest) and comma-separated values (*.csv) parameters files.

TO analyze the log files, type the following command:
ltk.exe –source LTKSOurce –output VSSolution –userlist user.csv

-source: source IIS log files directory
-output: output directory
-userlist: a csv file that has 3 column: username, password, permission (at least one user for each permission)

Once the project file has been generated, the final step is to use VSTS to open and use the project file, and run the load test.

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