Chapter 1: Usage of InfoPath Designer 2010

Sams – Infopath with Sharepoint 2010 – How to (Page 3)

Info path – used to generate data entry forms. As of Sharepoint 2010, Infopath can be used to present contents in Sharepoint 2010. You can use InfoPath to create forms to handle data entry of various business purposes: such as request for information, suggestion box, open a survey etc. The form may be submitted and saved in a form library. Workflow may act on the saved for. Infopath forms can also access data from various data sources, cinluding Sharepoint (list & libraries).

Why use Infopath?

Infopath form is a structure document that allow all users to enter different information the same way. Allows for automation of busienss oricesses using Sharepoint server. The resultant InfoPath file is essentially a specialized XML document containing fields and values.

In Sharepoint, interface for interacting with lists are through Forms. You can use Infopath 2010 to customize these forms
and enhance the user experience.

Why use InfoPath forms in Workflow?

**** Because each form submitted may contain different selections or entered fields, a workflow can look at InfoPath form entries and perform actions based on those entries.

How does Infopath integrate with my data?

Infopath has the capability to receive and submit data to a variety of data sources. There fore, you can capitalize on business functions that laready exists (such as wb service) to display data and to interface with custom built databases or applications.

With InfoPath, both developers and information workers can generate forms and data interfaces without writing code.

What is InfoPath Web Part?

Sharepoint 2010 provides an out-of-the-box InfoPath Web Part. Used to rendering InfoPath Forms on the server.

New controsl in InfoPath 2010 – Picture button, Hyperlink control, People/group picker, Date/Time Picker, external item picker (connect to ECT).

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