Chapter 2: Creating a Sharepoint Form with InfoPath Designer

Sams – Infopath with Sharepoint 2010 – How to (Page 9)

Generate a form using InfoPath Designer 2010. Picking a template – important – based on your data source. Such as Sharepoint List, email, SQL server/table, web service etc.

  1. Pick a template
  2. Add title
  3. Insert a table layout
  4. Add controls and labels etc.
  5. Save the form.
  6. F5 or [Preview] button to preview
  7. The form will be rendered in the InfoPath Filler 2010 application.
  8. Name your data fields: update the names to “Name”, “Email”, “Request”

    or right click control, and select Property.

  9. Settingup submit information. Files à Info
  10. Select Sharepoint library. Data Connection Wizard appears. Enter the Sharepoint Library URL. Enter a formula in the File name so that each form submitted to Sharepoint can be saved as a different file name! In this case we would like to save the form as [name field] + ‘-‘ _ Today’s date.

  11. Once you publish the form to the Sharepoint Library, you can use New Document to access the online InfoPath Form:

Create a Form Library from Infopath —
When you use this option to publish a form,

You have the option to create in Sharepoint a new library, or use an existing one —

Design a Sharepoint Form using Sharepoint Form Library Template —

Sharepoint Form Library template provides with additional starting points, including two subheadings and tables.

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