Chapter 3: Sharepoint Form Controls

Sams – Infopath with Sharepoint 2010 – How to (Page 23)

Types of InfoPath Controsl:
(1) input controls – just normal input controls
(2) Object Controls – buttons, picture buttons, calculated values, file attachment, picture or hyperlinks.
(3) Container controls –controls that contains other controls. Such as section, optional section, repeating sections, repeating tables, choice group, choice sections.

Drag controls onto your Form —
Only if you use the side control pane
can you drag and drop.

Person/Group Picker. You need to specify a Sharepoint Server URL
to make it work.

External Item Picker:

Allow user to initiate an action —

With Picture button or Button

Optional section – can collapse or shrink

In action:

Allows user to enter multiple instances of the same field: Repeating Table

User can enter multiple lines of the same type of data:

Repeating Section —

Free style area that can be repeated based on user’s request. You can insert a table inside the repeatable section and put controls inside the table.

Choice Group —

User can remove a group to switch to another section; but once removed, no way to get it back, so better disable the Remove button. Do this in Choice Section Property:

Make a field required:
In the property window or In Ribbon —

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