Chapter 6 – Sharepoint Form Page Design and Views

SAM Info Path with Sharepoint 2010 – 02/13/2011

To change the current View name:
Page Design à Properties à View Name

Create a new View —

Change the default View —
Default view – the view of a form that will display when user opens a new or existing form. .

Make a view Read-Only

In View Property:

Preventing a User from selecting a view —

selecting this value will decide whether the view appears in this menu (view selector)

If you don’t want the form selector at all, do it here:
Files à Form Options à Web Browser – Uncheck the “View” option.

Use a View for Printing —
set up a print view à go to View Property:

(You can copy a view – Control + A – to a new view)

Add Header/Footers to your Form —
Adding Header/footer in print mode

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