Chapter 2 – Hosting a WCF Service

MS WCF 4 Step by Step (Page 45) 02/27/2011, 10:36PM

A WCF service needs a hosting environment to run, Such as IIS. Hosting application must:
(1) start and stop the service
(2) Listening for request from a client application and directing them to the service.
(3) Sending any responses from the service back to the client application.

(Exectly what IIS is designed for!!!)

Service Endpoints

Host app makes a service available to clients by providing one or more endpoints to which clients can send requests.

End point has the following 3 information (ABC):

***Address of the service: it can be HTTP://….. Or other, depending on the transport mechanism.

***Binding supported by the service. Described how a client connect to the service and format of data, which includes:
Transport protocol, encoding format, security requirement, transactional requirement and reliability.

*** Contract implemeted by the service. A WCF contract is a interface.

Processing a Client Request

A service can respond to simultaneous client requests. Host application needs to ensure: security, reliability, transactional requirements etc. How is it done: WCF runtime environment provides a collection of channel objects
that can perform this processing.

A channel is responsible for handling one aspect of message processing. WCF provides channels that handle different tasks: encoding data, security, reliability, transactions. Together they’re called a channel stack. All messages passing between client and service go through each channel in a channel stack. E.g.:

Client ßà Channel ßà Channel ßà Channel ßà Channel ßà CF Service

** transport channel is always at the bottom; encoding channel is always at the top.

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