Wrox Real World Sharepoint 2010 – Chapter 11

[Chapter 11: Building Custom service Applications for the Right Situations]

Sharepoint 2010 service application is to replace Sharepoint 2007 SSP (Shared Service Providers). Provide much more flexibility in terms of deployment, management, topology and capabilities.

In Sharepoint 2010, each service application is set up indenpendently. We application can now associate with individual service applications, rather than a collection (unlink MOSS 2007). Service application are installed on all servers in the farm, but the admin are free to decide which server independently (e.g., which server to run which service applications). How? Central Admin –> System settings –> Manage services on server.  

Services are always consumed by Sharepoint WFE. Service applications are implemented through the use of service application proxies. All communication are done via WCF with HTTP/HTTPs. Allows cross farms communication – as loong a proxy is installed and trust configured. You can build a custom service apllication – such as an anti-virus service and the admin can decide which server to run the serveice –

Building a custom service application and service application proxy — will probably never need it – so skip this chapter now.
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