Wrox Real World Sharepoint 2010 – Chapter 14

[Chapter 14: Business Connectivity services]

7/19/2011, 09:37PM, Page 525

MOSS 2007 BDC (Business Data Catalog) – allows you to define business data that was available from databases and web services, and them reuse it or display it in Sharepoint.
Sharepoint 2010 – BCD (Business Connective Services) has replaced BDC.

*** ECT : External Content Types: a description of the data and BCS methods that make up a real-world object, such as Customer, Order,or Product.
The BCS methods that make up ECT:
** Finder (readlist)
** SpecificFinder (readitem)

In Sharepoint 2010, BCS’s improvement overMOSS 2007 BDC:
(1) BCS integration is available in all versions of Sharepoint 2010 (Including Foundation)
(2) Out-of-the-box BCS is now write-back. You can SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE. Also availabl ein Sharepoint UI.
(3) External List = Sharepoint List +  BCS
(4) Can now use a .NET assembly as a data source. Write C# or VB.NET Code that brings data together from multiple data sources, mixes and merges, and bring to Sharepoint via BCS.
(5) Tools for BCS: (1) Sharepoint SPD (which can configure BCS for SQL Server, WCF or SOAP), and (2) pre-eployed .NET model. VS 2010 comes with a BCSModel project item type, which helps to build (1) BCS model and (2) .NET assembly to get at the data.

(Custom) if you want your ECT to be able to update or insert, you must define Updater and Creator. You will see the Update or Insert button in the ribbon.

*** With external list, you can’t do these: Workflow, alerts, RSS feeds, folders, attachments. It makes sens becuase you are linking to an external system.

** External Data Column: allows you to create a column for you list or library that will look up the information defined in an ECT, and reuse this as metadata against documents and list items saved in Sharepoint. To use External Data column, you must have Finder and SpecificFinder method.

** Business Data Web Parts —

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