Wrox Real World Sharepoint 2010 – Chapter 15

[Chapter 15: Using Performancepoint service 2010]

PerformancePoint 2010 provides the capability to create rich, interactive dashboards that allow Info Worker to view and work with structured and unstructured data in a secure and easy-to-consume format.

PPS (PerformancePoint servic) is now a service application in Enterprise Sharepoint 2010.

** Unattended Service Accountread access to all data stores that will be used with content such as reports, scorecards, and filters. PPS Dashboard Designer uses this account to access the data during the authoring of a dashboard. Another one is Unattended Execution Account – access data during run time and must be configured in advance. You store these accounts in Secure Store (hence Secure Store Service).

To configure Unattended Service Account –> Central Admin –> Manage service Applications –> PPS service –> PPS setting –> Enter Credentials

** Configure trusted locations: PPS stores content that includes reports, scorecards, filters, KPIS, indicators, data connections, and dashboard inside of the listand libraries configured for PPS data sources and content. PPS data sources are stored in Data Connection Library (DCL). PPS Content is stored in sinatances of PPS Content list.

PPS will only recognize trusted libraries and lists!!! it’s a security feature so admin can decide where PPS can retrieve or store data.

You can configure to trust all Sharepoint locations (default) or specific Sharepoint locations for:
(1) Data source
(2) Content
Both are configure in the same place (Where you configure PPS in Central Admin)

Sharepoint 2010 has a default site template for PPS — BIC – Business Intelligence Center.

For a site collection ot use PPS feature, you need to activate it in Site Collection Feature.

What is required to run PPS at client side: .NET 3.5 SP1, Silverlight (not required but better),  

** Creating a PPS dashboard:

*** Normally you need to create a BIC site before you can install PPS Dashboard Designer, but if you don’t have access to a BIC site and still want to install Dashboard Designer, you can access this address: http://<yourservername>/_layouts/PPSWebParts/DesignerRedirect.aspx you wull be prompted to install the DD.

** Need to activate Publishing feature at site collection level before creating a BIC site.

07/20/2011, 10:49PM, Page 562

Creating data source for PPS content. Data sources are created in Dashboard Designer and are stored in a library int he workspace. The list/library must be based on the Data Connection Library for PerformancePoint. Don’t get this confused with other DCL!!!!!

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