Wrox Real World Sharepoint 2010 – Chapter 6

[Chapter 6: Backing Up and Restoring Sharepoint 2010]

Page 166

Types of recovery:
Content Recovery – 2 levels of recycle bin; 30 days after deletingdoesn’t move the file into 2nd level automatically.
Disaster recovery – sites site collections, content databasess, adn farms.

In Sharepoint 2010, you have true farm configuration backup and recovery. (in 2007 you can’t)

There is still no scheduled backup support in SP 2010. recommended: write a Powershell script and schedule it through the Task Scheduler.

Sharepoint marks a site collection as read-only when performing a backup.

To restore a site/site collection (unattached content database recovery)
1. Restore the content database to a database from backup.
2. Use Central Admin to connect to the database, browse and export the website.
3. Import the web site to prodcution.

In Sharepoint 2010, you can export a single list or library.

Two types of backup:
(1) farm 
(2) granular – site collection and web/list

Granular backups can be made against the regular Content Databases that are attached to the farm, ot against unattached Content Databases.
* Site Collection backup – fast; will place a lock (can be solved by using databae snapshot) ; back up all (all webs, users, groups, permissions, galleries, workflow status, feature activations, navigation and everything else); a site collection can only be restored to its entirity, not portion of.

All backup restore commnad issued form Central Admin are executed by timer services.

Backup-SPSite http://localhost/sites/realworld -path e:\backup\a.bak <-UseSqlSnapshot> <-NoSiteLock> <-force>

Restoring site collection – cannot use Central Admin. The restored site collection will have the same GUID’s, so be careful.

Restore-SPSite http://localhost/hr -Path e:\path\hr.bak -force <-ContentDatabase SP_HR_Contetn>

If you don’t specify the Contentdatabase option, SP automatically choose a “most available” content DB.

Export an WEB:
Export -SPWeb http://localhost/sites/realworld/teamsite -path \\SP2010\backup\teamsite.cmp
Just the library:
Export -SPWeb http://localhost/sites/realworld/teamsite -path \\SP2010\backup\teamsite.cmp -ItemUrl “Shared Documents” <-IncludeUserSecurity> -IncludeVersions All

** Import — Import-SPWeb

— Farm backup:  Page 186, 07/09/2011, 11:01PM 

Backup-SPFarm -BackupMethod full -Directory \\SP2010\backup\farm <-ConfigurationOnly> <-item “User Profile service Application”>

To increase farm backup speed, use -BackupThread 5 to perform multiple backup tasks at the same time.

— Use Sharepoint soluton packages for any custom code deployed into Sharepoint Environment. (*.WSP). (1) Simply the effort in deploying custom code and (2) ensure changes are consistently and correctly applied; in cases of farm restoration, Sharepoint will restore and redeploy custom solutions automatically. Saves much time!!!!

If you expect to deploy custom code in your SP environment, insist that the development team build solution packages for all deployed artifacts.

Content Database: No more than 100GB. Always do a trial restore!!! To make sure backup is good, and also you know how to do a restore.

07/10/2011, 11:45AM

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